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Facegen Modeller 3.5.3 97 ((INSTALL))

Due to unique technology, which is used in FaceGen Modeller, you can create arbitrarily very realistic or cartoon persons of any race, gender and age. The ability to edit those with more than 150 powerful parametric settings from race morphing the whole face to fine tune the shape of the nose. To the person you created you can apply any of the 50 available texture of the skin. Struck the same model can be applied to the face morphing animation.FaceGen Modeller has the ability to export to different three-dimensional formats - 3D Studio (3DS), Maya ASCII (ma), Lightwave 6.x LWO2 (LWO), Wavefront OBJ, Softimage dotXSI 3.0 (XSI), VRML 1 (wrl) or VRML 97 ( wrl), including the animation, if necessary.Opportunities FaceGen Modeller:-Generates random person by race, sex and age.-Over 50 symmetric and 25 asymmetric settings.-More than 30 texture settings.-The use of a detailed skin texture.-Import your texture images to any object.-The use of persons to any grid of high, medium and low quality.-Save your faces in the FaceGen format.-Export models in 3DS, Maya ASCII (ma), Lightwave 6 (LWO), OBJ, XSI, VRML1 and VRML97.-Export texture maps to BMP, JPEG, TGA and TIFF.-36 expressions, phonemes and modifiers.-Endomorphs appear automatically in Lightwave and is easily added to MotionBuilder or any other application that reads LWO files.InstallationTo install the components to run the file FaceGen.exeDownload free FaceGen Modeler v3.5.3 + FaceGen Customizer v1.3.1 + Hair Models 3.5.3 _us.part1.rar _us.part2.rar _us.part3.rarMirror for usa _us.part1.rar _us.part2.rar _us.part3.rar TO MAC USERS: If RAR password doesn't work, use this archive program:

Facegen Modeller 3.5.3 97


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