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Buy A Registered Company ##VERIFIED##

  • No activity, debts or liabilitiesTax ID FreeWith no Tax ID the corporation cannot owe any taxes

  • Registered Agent ServiceIncluded until the renewal date of the company with the state

  • Articles of Formation or IncorporationCertified copies of the Articles of Incorporation and a thumb drive with an operating agreement and suggested meetings.

buy a registered company

No. A lender is going to ask you for financial documents on the company, showing what the company has made in the time it has been open. You do not have these, and it is a crime if you use fake documents. We will not sell companies to people who tell us they are going to use them for illegal purposes.

A 6.25% sales tax will be collected at this time based on the purchase price of the dealer sale. If the dealer is not registered with the Department of Revenue or the vehicle was purchased through a private sale, the sales tax will be calculated at 6.25% of the purchase price or the National Automotive Dealer Association (NADA) clean trade-in value, whichever is higher. If no clean trade-in value is available a default value agreed upon by both the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Revenue will be used.

When you purchase a vehicle from a leasing company, you must have the title issued in your name. The title must be issued in your name before you can sell or transfer the vehicle. You can transfer the title by mail or at a DMV office.

A domain name registrar is a company that allows you to purchase and register domain names. All domain name registrars are accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization responsible for managing domain names.

Domain names are registered for a specific duration. You can renew your domain registration before its expiration date. However, if you forgot to renew your domain name, then it expires and anyone can register it.

Network Solutions is one of the largest domain registrars on the planet with over 7 million domains registered with them. You can register a wide variety of domain extensions including the popular .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and basically all other niche TLDs.

HostGator is another popular company offering website owners a one-stop shop for domain names and shared website hosting. They offer a nice selection of extensions, domain privacy, and easy to use DNS management tools.

BuyDomains allow you to search for premium domain names matching your search terms. Premium domain names are domain names that are already registered but are available for sale from third-party. These domains are often more memorable, shorter, and brandable which is why they are more expensive.

Yes, you can absolutely use multiple domain registrars if you like. We have different domains registered across various registrars including, Bluehost, GoDaddy, NameCheap,, and many more.

On the host, does a host provide an SSL certificate even when the domain name is registered with a different domain registrar?Another question about BlueHost: does BlueHost offer domain privacy options and if yes, what would be the price of your discounted offer of $2.75/month in case one required that they offer domain privacy or does the package still come with domain privacy as an option to choose from?

When determining name availability, names are checked only against names of like entities registered with the California Secretary of State (e.g., a proposed corporation name is checked for availability only against other corporation names).

We Are Selling Ready Made Companies, Buy a Ready-Made Company, Advantages of Readymade CompaniesHow you can get off to a great start with a ready-made company: if you've got a great business idea but you're new to the corporate world, getting set up can be a minefield. There is a huge amount of legislation to consider, and you need to be sure that you're properly registered with all the appropriate authorities. You'll also need to bear your location in mind - start-up rules vary across countries, so your UK business may run into issues when you try to set up a European or American base.

Ready made companies are a great way to ensure that those initial start-up worries are taken care of, and to get yourself established in the market quickly. These ready made companies are also known as shelf companies; they are essentially the shell of a former company that no longer trades, complete with all relevant registrations and an extensive limited company history. Coddan offers great deals on ready made companies, with packages to suit initiatives of all sizes and a great range of reputable names on our books.

A ready made company gives you a kick-start in the marketplace: whether you're establishing a limited company, a limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or a public company, Coddan has the right shelf company for you. These companies are a great way to expand quickly when time is of the essence. Need to register right away to take up a large contract? Looking to take advantage of a fast-moving marketplace? When time is short, a pre-registered company will open up opportunities to you that could otherwise take months.

No liability for you with our guarantee: we only use reputable companies in our portfolio, so you can be sure that the name you take on is free from any debts, limitations and other associated problems. Our aim is to make business easier for you, so we make sure that you won't get tangled up in paperwork or caught out by the former company's history. You'll be taking on a respected name. What's more, this will open up a marketplace of previous clients, new avenues of credit and a strong company image - perfect when you're just starting out in business.

Start with a clean sheet - take on a purpose-made company: if you want all the benefits of a ready made company without the implications of a former history, Coddan also caters to your needs. We can help you with a new company formation and we've created shell companies that were registered and established specifically to be sold on - get in touch now to find out more about this service.

Choose a ready made company with Coddan: get your business off to a great start - avoid the hassle of registration and get a full corporate history when you choose a ready-made company from Coddan. Our shelf company packages are perfect for new businesses and expanding companies who need a fast, comprehensive company set-up service. Need a company number to secure a contract? If you need an established company behind you to progress your business aims, a ready-made company is the answer. Coddan's packages can be up and running for you in just 10 minutes! Struggling to establish yourself in the marketplace? Ready made companies give you a pre-established brand, customer following, trade history and background. They're fantastic for building a strong corporate image. If you need an assistance with a ready made company, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

We are selling readymade companies: if you are looking to get started in business but feel that you might be better buying a shelf company instead of starting from scratch, we are selling readymade companies that can be transferred into your name quickly and allow you to get started right away.

There are a whole host of perks to buying a ready-made company, and it can be the best way for you to get your business off the ground without you needing to worry about many of the pitfalls that come with starting out from scratch.

Choose a company name that suits you: you will be able to choose a company name that fits well with your business or, if you can't find a company name that suits you exactly then you can purchase the company as it is and then change the name to fit your business. This will not change the legitimacy of the company whatsoever, as it will still be the same company, just with a change of name.

The process of buying a shelf company is quick and easy: you should be able to have your company registered in your name within the day so that you can start trading, applying for company loans, working with other businesses and so on, right away. All you need to do is choose and pay for your company and it will be put into your name, as well as having all of the information passed over to you about your company so that you are able to fill in any paperwork and so on.

Legitimises your company: buying a company that is ready made and has a history should help other businesses, banks and any agencies you are looking to bid for contracts from to see you as a legitimate company, and give them more confidence in your business so that they will be happy to work with you. It also saves you all of the time and money that would come with trying to get your business up and running from scratch, registering a company name and applying for lines of credit with no proven track record.

The advantages of ready made companies: a ready-made company, otherwise known as a shelf company, is a company that has been set up and then left to mature without anything being done with it whatsoever. On the face of it, this may not seem to make much sense at all, going through all of the effort to create and register a company only to leave it for years to do nothing, but these companies can then be sold on to those looking to set up their own company as a readymade business. Here are some of the advantages of buying a readymade company.

Giving the appearance of a long-standing company: businesses that have just started out may find it difficult to get loans or credit cards, or to deal with banks in general. If a company has an appearance of corporate longevity then it is more likely that banks will be comfortable working with them, giving them better deals on business accounts and lines of credit. A company that has been operating for a few years will also find that other businesses are happier to work with them as having been up and running for a long time legitimises the business in the eyes of others. 041b061a72


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