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BEST Exercices Corriges Ms Project [REPACK]

An organization has a project management office (PMO) that ensures all relevant project documents are created, and all project management processes are followed according to established best practices.

BEST Exercices Corriges Ms Project

During project planning of a large, complex project, project management best practices were rigorously and thoroughly followed. During project execution, the project experienced several critical risks, which were foreseen and previously identified. Despite the meticulous planning, the project failed to achieve the established objectives due to these realized risks.

You meet with your team to determine the life cycle for your project. After analyzing the best way to define and manage requirements, develop deliverables, handle changes, control risk and cost, and engage key stakeholders, the decision is made to select a hybrid life cycle.

A project manager is developing a cost management plan and needs to determine the best source of funding for a project that is dictated by a legal requirement. The cost of capital is estimated at 9.7% for non-dividend paying equity, 6.7% for debt, and 5.1% for self-funding. The NPV of the project is $500,000, and the opportunity cost is $750,000.


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