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Banish those blemishes like……Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

As a young teen, I have always faced issues with acne. Over the course of my high school and young adult years, I began to decide to take the action by dealing with acne in many ways. Starting with incorporating a skincare regimen and a healthy lifestyle. After some years the acne just doubled and was painfully physical and emotional. When I heard about the beauty industry from a close family friend and mentor she recommended me to pursue a career in the cosmetology field specializing in esthetics.

Soon after I enrolled in one of the top esthetician schools in Philadelphia. I fell in love with the beauty industry because I knew deep inside I was going to impact someone’s life by helping them improve their skin. Then I graduated and earned my degree and licensure as an esthetician. While attending beauty school my acne got worse and worse. After changing my diet and adding bi-monthly facials it improved my skin. Even after all I did to help my skin it still was a problem because of my genetics as cystic acne runs in both sides of my family.

Then I found out ways to combat the acne internally as well. I decided to take probiotics and supplements and to use them to help combat my issues with my skin. Keeping hydrated and physically active and seeing a licensed esthetician can help solve all of your skincare woes. As I progress in my academic life at my university I plan to break into the digital marketing field by using my degree as an esthetician and a digital marketer to solve the beauty industry problems with marketing toxic skincare that does more damage than good. I want to solve all of your skincare problems and marketing problems by making sure your voices are heard whether you are male, female, transgender, non-binary, or from any race or economic class.

What do you get when you put an esthetician and a digital marketer? Me!.........Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

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