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One Piece Episode 666 High Quality

In the palace, Doflamingo and the captured Riku Doldo III are observing the outcome of the battles. Doflamingo is certain that Luffy won't make it out of the Colosseum and that Franky, who is causing a ruckus at the moment, will be defeated by his associates. He states that their only pieces left are Zoro, Kin'emon, Robin and Sogeking. An unconscious Law is shown chained to the heart seat.

One Piece Episode 666

Me and my brother Jordan were the only ones at home. I was watching TV in the living room and turned the TV a little bit down. The episode aired on FOX at 2:00 AM. The theme was done much more morbid. It had demonic singing and very creepy laughter. After the intro, it showed a piece of Russian text, saying "You can't survive like this beyond death". My chest pounded, but I continued to watch.

Then it faded to Oggy in his basement, with real-life dead people, and a demonic voice said "Join us in hell". For 000.010 milliseconds, the screen flashed "666". I was about to vomit, so I ran upstairs until I realized the bathroom door was locked for some reason. I went back to the living room and had no choice to watch the rest of the episode. I got out a brown bag and puked enough to feed an army.

I continued watching, and it showed a new scene. What freaked me out the most is that, well, it faded to a picture, right? It had my little brother, or a little boy that looked very similiar to him, dead. Brain pieces and blood was splattered everywhere. The guy that killed him with a shotgun was someone that looked A LOT like my father.

The cops said I probably had a bad dream, but I said I didn't. Good thing I recorded the episode, so I showed them that junk. They were surprised at what I showed them. They said they would investigate and trace the person who created the episode.

"Hello, thank you for contacting us about this episode. One thing, how on Earth did you find out about that? Listen, we're very sorry your dreams are now crushed. Basically, we didn't make this episode. A person we fired made it, and he was always depressed. He was a very quiet staff, like quiet as a mouse. We didn't put the satanic/demonic voices, dead people, and everything in. We're not that sick.

  • Web Original AMV Hell Championship Edition was released on June 6, 2006.

  • Both used and subverted in the SCP Foundation. SCP-616 is a hellish door with a strong Brown Note effect and vaguely specified "bad things" happening when it opens, but SCP-666 seems slightly more benign. There's also SCP-666-J, called the Roaring Flames of Hell, but it's just a dinner entrée; it sets off apocalypses (yes, multiple) in one's intestines.

  • In v4 Open Blue, the date of the foundation of the Axifloan Coalition is June 6th, 1666. In v5, that day is when Princess Elizabeth of Avelia is assassinated, prompting the three largest members of the Coalition to secede and declare war on one another. Most people in-universe consider it the day the Coalition ended (even though it still exists if weakened).

  • In The Number 24, a trailer spoofing The Number 23, one of the professor's random associations is: "Two plus four is six. What's the number between two and four? Three. Three sixes, the sign of the devil!"

  • In Mr. Plinkett's review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, when he got to talk about Order 66, he pretended to be George Lucas and decided that the Kill E'm All code phrase should be "an evil-sounding number". At first he considered "666" but rejected it because he thought it was "too obvious."

  • The Halloween episode of Bowser's Kingdom was titled episode 666.

  • The footage from Mario Party TV adds a Staggered Zoom and Scare Chord whenever it appears someone is about to roll three sixes. It was first invoked when a player had six stars and sixty-six coins.

  • This is also done when someone rolls three nines on 6's Snowflake Lake.

  • When Holms, playing Birdo, managed to do both (he rolled three sixes, and the bonus coins he got for that put Birdo at six stars and sixty-six coins), Steeler concluded that Birdo was the devil. (Warning: swearing in the video)

  • Several Not Always Right stories show customers buying extra things upon checkout if their total is $6.66. "Well, I guess that's the Lord's way of telling us to get dessert!"

  • Numbers of the Beast (the gag list can't ever be conclusive, feel free to add).

  • * Numberphile: The video, "666".

  • Western Animation American Dad!: When Stan is worried that his adopted grandson Nemo is the anti-christ, he checks him for the mark. He ends up finding a 66 but is relieved to find the next number 2, then he sees a he has a +4 after that. Cue Scare Chord.

  • In an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "The Cloning" the channel number that the cursed TV is playing is channel six sixty six. Another episode included the Satanic sandwich "The Broodwich", which, among other horrifying ingredients, was, "layered with six-hundred and sixty-six separate meats from an animal which has maggots for blood!"

  • In the Futurama episode "The Honking", Bender sees the binary number 0101100101 written on the wall and is unfazed, calling it "gibberish" (it's 357 with an unnecessary leading zero). Then he sees it in a mirror and realises it's 1010011010, which is 666.

  • Parodied in Courage the Cowardly Dog, when the characters (Except for the titular dog, who is forced to sleep outside because of the No Dogs Allowed Rule) book a room at Hotel Katz, they are given room number 666.

  • In Gargoyles, the Illuminati have exactly 666 members, although you have to work it out.

  • An episode of Rocko's Modern Life ended with the character Peaches playing with a paddle ball. He says, "664, 665" and then he misses and has to start all over. Furthermore in the episode "Hef in a Handbasket", the number to apply for Peaches' game show Triple 6 is "555 and THEN A BUNCH OF SIXES," the show is broadcast on channel 66, and Heffer needs to score 666 points to "win."

  • The Simpsons: The Treehouse of Horror part of one episode had Lisa and Bart going through the occult section of a library. Dewey Decimal System designation? 666. (For the curious, the actual designation would be 130 or 133. 666 is assigned to "ceramic and allied technologies".)

  • In the opening of another Treehouse of Horror episode, a cheerful Fox Censor tells the viewers that the episode is rated TV-G, only for the ratings box to sprout an arm holding a knife and stab him, and turn to TV-PG. The stabbing continued, going to TV-14, TV-MA, TV-21, and finally, TV-666. (Those last two aren't real ratings, of course. The actual rating for the episode was TV-PG.)

  • The 30th Treehouse of Horror is the 666th episode of the series, and opens with a parody of The Omen.

  • In the Looney Tunes short A Pest in the House, hotel bellhop Daffy Duck continually disturbs the tired guest who's staying in Room 666 in his efforts to get some shut-eye. It was probably chosen not for symbolism, but because it has a lot of "s" sounds for Daffy to lisp.

  • In the first episode of The Boondocks, Huey tries to convince the guests at Ed Wuncler's garden party that Ronald Reagan is the Devil by pointing out that Ronald, Wilson, and Reagan each have six letters in them. Therefore, 666. However, this just makes him look "adorable" to the guests. The comic strip had a similar joke about Santa Claus. Huey evidently went through several possible "proofs" before landing on the fact that the date of Santa's annual errand, December 24th, adds up to 36 when expressed numerically. 36 = 3 6's!

  • Wakfu: Episode 4 of season 1: In the flashback showing the backstory of the Ugly Princesses, there is such a long line of princes wanting to woo them that they use a "Take a Number" device. Then comes the god Osamodas, who picks number 666 before laying a curse on the disrespectful princesses.

  • In episode 9 of season 2, some of the protagonists are trapped in the Shushu world. They are forced to invoke the Rush, the favorite pastime of the Shushu, in order to avoid immediate execution. The Rush pits them against 666 pyralshus until they fall. And to make sure they fall, Rushu also sends his Dragon Anathar into the fray.

  • The South Park season 1 episode "Damien" manages to sneak in a couple of visual references. At the very start of the episode, a group of number magnets on the wall have three red sixes next to each other, and the chalkboard has a sum that adds up to 666.

  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy episode "Wishbones", Grim says that this robe has gone through "665 washings, and it still stinks of the ages!"

  • Subverted in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, where the Blood Moon Ball, which is celebrated in the underworld, takes place once every 667 years. Also, Marco's Dragon-Motorcycle has "667" on its number plate. According to the creators, they wanted both cases to be played straight, but Disney wouldn't allow it.

  • Amanda from Bunsen Is a Beast subverts this every now and then, such as when she claimed that her makeovers for her class photo cost her $667.

  • In Hotel Transylvania: The Series, episode "Buggin Out", Mavis delivers room service to a room only to realize that the card was upside down, as it was actually supposed to be delivered to room 999 (for a second you can actually see 666 on the card). In another episode, Mavis' uncle mentions room 665B.

  • Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop: The episode "Grime Doesn't Pay" has Officer Deadbeat entrusted with keeping a criminal named Fingers Malone locked up, who is first referred to as Prisoner 666.

  • In "Kangaroo Caught", Dr. Zitbag finds that he has the winning lottery ticket as Number 666. Unfortunately, it wasn't a cash prize.

  • Teen Titans: "Birthmark" gives us a more subtle example. It is Raven's Dangerous 16th Birthday, where she is concerned about the prophecy concerning her demonic father, and we open with her laying on her bed staring at a clock, saying, "6 p.m. Just six more hours and it will all be over. Six more hours." She probably didn't notice that she said the number 6 thrice.

  • In the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode "T.U.F.F. Choices", the Indecision Ray that Snaptrap buys from the Chameleon is shown to have the price of $666.66.



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