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No Greater Love Chords Pdf PATCHED Free

In this lesson I discuss some of the more modern aspects of jazz playing. This tune is a perfect vehicle for studying pentatonics, voicings in 4ths, triad pairs, weaving lines through unrelated key centers and of course playing over Major7 chords, Joe loved the Major7 chord:)

no greater love chords pdf free

We all love this tune, but it also a fantastic vehicle for playing turnarounds in minor and discovering ways of manipulating the harmony to make things bit more interesting ?Triad pairs, modal playing, outside playing and the reharmonization of diminished chords are all discussed in this one hour...

I love this tune! In this lesson I discuss several ways of dealing with Major 7th chords including triad pairs, pentatonics and the relative minor. Many examples have been transcribed including a 6 chorus solo.

I love the sound of chords and walking bass, and it is great for comping in a duo setting. because you are laying down a complete groove, But sometimes it is also nice to not have to play a steady stream of quarter notes. Luckily Shell voicings are naturally split in two so that you have a root and a chord, and you can use these two layers to improvise with, similar to how a Jazz drummer improvises with snare and bass drum.

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